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Originally Posted by captainfish View Post
Hey Paul, I noticed on the top post, first pic where you show old vs new tire... you say they are the same, but the new looks about an inch shorter. Is that because the old is still on wheel and aired up?

Do you notice a tendency to stay straight up on the car tire, as opposed to being able to easily lean it over in a curve with a rounded tire?


Oh... and how hard was it to convince BOB of putting on a car tire on the MC wheel?
Does look like new tire is smaller than the old one even with the tread worn off the old one. Perhaps being on the rim and aired up (old tire) makes it look larger, don't know --- They are the same tire.

Bob runs a shop (excellent one) out of his basement. He is retired and a MC Maniac (was big time drag racer at one time and big into doing restorations on stuff you would not want to mess with). He had a shop up north before retiring here. No Problem for him --- he has installed Car Tires on Goldwings and Valkyrie.

Nothing else --- install it your self ( I did using a tire stand and hand tools the first time, had a heck of a time getting the tire on the rim and had a hard time getting the bead to seat). Also, I did not have a balance stand then (other tires I set back on the axle and balanced -- cannot do that with Burgman due to spline gears in the hub).

I have since bought a balance stand, not sure it will work on that wheel. I used it on the wheel for my CB500X. ANYWAY, for $20 install and balance (spin balance by Bob) -- Let Him Do IT (That is Wheel off for $20).

There is a slight feel difference with the car Tire --- NEGLIGIBLE, you will not notice it after a bit.

AND, I am riding CURVES galore in East TN Hills and Mtns (ever hear of the Dragon? - many roads around here like that).

I am not riding 60 degree leans, but believe me I RIDE harder than a lot of folks.
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Got the tire mounted yesterday (Nokian Noordman 5 155/70R13 winter tire). It took 110psi to set the beads, exactly the same as the Nokian winter tire with which I darksided my 650. The profile at the tread edge was more "square" than I expected and sure enough it rubbed on the engine case. I rounded the squarish edge on both sides (and re-balanced it) and everything fit although it's a tight fit against the case with full tread. I'll fix that in a few months with a 3000-mile ride down the coast.

Can't road test it yet, because the bolt on that @%^*#*&^%@#&^@#$%ing exhaust clamp galled and stripped when it was loosened. I'll buy a new bolt tomorrow and give a road test report.
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miken6mz Glad you got it. Those pressures worry me, but so far I have had no problems from running the PSI (up to around a 100 PSI). However, if you read about tires and mounting pressure most say around the amount it takes normally (talking car tire on car rim) to be safe. Who knows waht the average shop does to seat a car tire on a car rim --- some folks have said 100 psi not a problem for tire or rim (they of course or not scientific).

OH Well !!!!! Take your chances. Just realize one could have serious things happen if for instance a rim gave way or even if a tire exploded. That thing could go sailing across the room.

The first one I did by myself and I could not get it seated myself. I tried to stay less than 80 or 90 PSI and heated the tire with Hair Dryer, used rubber mallet trying to beat the unseated area in, let it set overnight.

Finally, went to a buddy with bigger compressor. We tried several times with no luck (not sure what pressure he got to). Then sprayed the bead and rim with Dupont MC TEFLON Chain Lube and the next time it seated. Still, I don't know what pressure he got to as he was fooling with it and I had no measurement.

The second one Bob did -- he just did it (have no idea what pressure he went to).
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Installing the Michlen Gold Standard Bias ply MOTORCYCLE tire on the rear I had to pump it up to 75 PSI to get it to seat.

The Tire Installer's Book says never go over 40 PSI to mount. I have a tire on my wifes car that took 70 PSI to seat the bead and it is run at 50 PSI.

"Never mount a passenger car tire on a motorcycle rim; the flat profile of a car tire is incompatible ....." TOTALLY HOG WASH!!!

SSG/E6 Retired US ARMY Signal Corp. 9th Signal Bn, Forward.

160,000 miles on a CAR TIRE/DARKSIDE.

On a Achilles ATR-K Economist 155/65 HR 14,
Prior GT Radial Champiro VP1 185/60 HR 14, Potenza RE92 165/65 SR 14 and 155/65 HR 14 Formosa D2

***TRAVEL STOP*** Camp, tools, Wifi,.....
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Yeah my tire guy will only go to 85psi and that's only because I've done business with him for 35 years, ever since his dad opened their shop. I have a special "procedure" for the high pressure, I cover the wheel assembly with 3 heavy furniture pads in the middle of an empty driveway, hook up a locking inflator to the valve stem, and then hide behind at least 1 wall of the house 50 feet away while I increase the regulator pressure listening for the "pops." Then I can lower the pressure at the compressor until it's back to 30 or wherever I want to run it, so I'm never anywhere near that potential bomb.
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Originally Posted by miken6mz View Post
....potential bomb
Potential bomb is right, I wouldn't want to be near that either.

The tyre doesn't even need to explode.
At those pressures the bead can pop with enough force to break the rim and sends shards of it into the air. Those shards have been known to pass through human skulls.

Be careful, the rim was specifically designed to prevent car tyres being mounted.
Skulls weren't designed for catching flying metal.
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First ride report on the darkside Nokian Noordman 5 155/70R13 winter tire, in a word, GREAT. The bike feels more stable and that oversteer feeling is gone (coming from the 650 the 400 always felt to me as if it wanted to oversteer). The little motorcycle wheel-balancer I bought at HF Tools is one of the few machines I bought there that worked for me and didn't have to be returned. The wheel balanced easily and there's no vibration up to 70mph (true mph, 75mph indicated) which is my personal top end on the 400. The tire is softer which makes the ride more comfortable and I get a slight overdrive. I can't wait to do a 3000-mile road trip on the 400 soon.
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