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Here is the cut and paste PM I received from StreetGlo. It was written to me. I have permission to share it with you.

A couple of comments. The prototype is just an idea. It would need to be templated and the lines would follow the bike curves. This straight line design is just to show a color scheme and overall shape. This would be one kit...

I can see they like flames. This is not a problem at all! I just was surprised at the level of flame interests.... I need some shots of one of the scooters to use as a design template.. Level to the bike, I need a straight on shot at 12:00, 2:00 4:00 ad 6:00. Then I need one at 9:00. If someone wants to step forward on the flame design... letting us design it and they simply help us fit it... They can have the first set and prototype. The same goes for the minimal design. I'll want someone with a different model to help with that. In both cases, no flash photos. I need the shadows to actually see the lines on the bike.

Short of getting Burg here.... Based on drawings we make a template on craft paper. We sent that to them and let them tape the design in place folding, bending, slitting or whatever is necessary to fit the template properly to the bike. they then secure the template in that shape with tape, then send it back. On a 2nd try, we send a vinyl plain template using easy to pull off vinyl. They lay this into place.. and we grade the fit. So once the template fits snug, that's the shape upon which we'll build the actual graphic from.

So let's change this to be a flame set and a minimal accent set. we'll do two of them and see where it goes.

Whatever the result, I'll make sure you get a free set of both when the product is complete.

On another note... I have a new product I need to get out and see how it works in my customers hands. It's not what I consider a Burgman type of rider decal but I'll put it on the table anyhow.

I would like 5 folks to test our Gleamin'Demons which is expected to be a highly personalized decal in that no two of them will be alike. You can see it here: ... ticker.htm

Again, I dont' think this is a Burgman Riders kind of product but the hard liking of flames tells me I could be wrong. Anyhow, I need to see these installed and see what some of the designs will look like. The ones on our web site are just a tiny fraction of the possible ways you can lay down this freeminded kit. All I want in return is to see the item in photo, hopefully here at burgman or if you object, they can post it at my forums at streetglo.

Finally, I have about $50.00 worth of items to put up for auction. Whenever you are ready, I'll put them up and see how it goes. when I close the auction, you get all the money.. I expect the $50.00 worth will overbid since they are actually bidding on $100.00 worth of stuff. $50.00 in value paid to you , plus I match the winning bid in free stuff from our site. I don't see how they could lose.



P.S. the Gleamin'Demon page shows they have to buy the evil eyes. Not so for your 5 users.. They get the decal and free shipping... no charge.

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Latest Brit research is that Luminescent/Refective Blue is the safest most visible colour at night - which sort of reverses current thinking on yellow/orange and red - but they still work best in daylight. The proposition is that emergency vehicles should be changed to incorporate flurocesent blue and in time that all vehicle red marker and brake lights be changed over to blue - at least for nightime use when the human eye is 'fooled' by red.

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Blue is good

Without any data to back it up, I tend to agree.... blue and Orange actually are the two colors you rarely see. The blue especially is a good night reflective color as it is subconciously associated with police activity. The color blue has an outreach no other color has. At any distance you notice it, it keeps your mindset until you identify it. No other color accomplishes this other than orange. However, when you combine two colors in a design, yellow outlined by red, or gold and green, etc. those meshed objects also stand out as a disting strangely colored reflection. catch the mindset of the driver and your multiply the value of your reflectives.

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What would you buy

Originally Posted by db297
I would not buy the prototype shown. I would have to like it enough to live with it for the next 5 years or so, and that just isn't it.

Tell me what you would buy. The good thing about these kits will be you can install it all, or just a bit of it. The more I know the wider I can make the appeal factor. The thing that inspired me about the Burgman is there really is no place to hide reflectors. And I happen to know we've had an overwhelming number of burgman riders buying items for their bike, so I wanted to make someting that is just for this group. So let me know what you like.

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Two points -

Regarding the whole blue thing - vibrant blues occur rarely in nature, which is why they tend to catch the eye. You're kind of genetically wired to notice them. +1 on any decal in blue.

Regarding the current proposed design - overall, I like it. It fits a lot of the bike. One thing, however. I don't get the decal under the headlights - that does not flow with the bike's design. Perhaps an "L" shaped piece there or something. Maybe a curved piece on the front fender, as well, instead of the current arrow-shaped piece. Something that follows the arc of the wheel there.

A proposal - Look at the whole bike, and you'll notice that there aren't a shole lot of abrupt edges. Even the noticable angles (like the headlights) are rounded somewhat. You might want to incorporate that into your next design. A somewhat more organic look would be very cool.

Additionally - I would be more than willing to assist with any photogaphs you need of a stock bike. I've got a good digital camera and free time in the mornings and on the weekends. If you need something along those lines, please feel free to PM me. I've also got some experience in applying decals and windshield stickers (I owned a car parts shop for a while) if you need decent pics of that kind of thing.

Lastly - thank you for taking the time to develop a product for us. I realize that we really are a niche market, but it's time spent like this that really develops a loyal customer base. I've been tossing around the idea of doing a blue reflective pinstripe since the day after I got ny Exec. As soon as I get the spare cash, you'll see an order from me now.

Thanks again!

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Even tho I seemed all jazzed up about the rad flame example that Dee shared, I was really being a bit, well, goofy about them. I do like them, but I think that they looked a bit over the top. I would like the same reflective properties at night as those had, but I would prefer the kit to look like "shadow flames" during the day. A nice flame job, but something that you actually have to look close at to notice that they were there.

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I'm keeping up on this thread with great interest. I hope the concept becomes a product. Like others I have considered some reflective detail for my Excutive since the day I picked it up. I like the Blue for several reason's. Mainly Safety and Looks Cool against the Silver Metallic. My 650 has allot of Silver not broken up or accented by anything. It's begging for something to bring out the Ultra Neat shape. What with many curves it will be a real challenge to find the best lines to follow to get the look right. Less may be more in this case. However it needs enough to get the look right and Show Up enough to accomplish the Safety Reason. Both the 400 and 650 are very futuristic in look. Personalizing is well, just that Personal. Some like flames. I do to, but to me the future look and the Old School Flames don't match up. To each his own. What to label the Burgman is tough, even amoung us owner's. From the front kinda a Sort Bike, from the side some kinda Morphed Goldwing (considering the upright riding position) and from the back? Anyway back to the developed ideas. I like the full "U" on the front fender. Something very tasteful and modern that hints of the Old Scool chrome fender guard or Pin work. The front fender has a good flare out on the side to follow. The upper fairing is harder to get right. Sinister Eyebrows are a neat idea but may not be possiable. The center of the fairing has a center piece and that presents two seams to deal with. One way or the other the seams will break the line of the decal. The bottom fairing line has some difficultity as well. Maybe a Upsidedown "U" around the Mouth behind the front fender. Next a simple tape line on the side. Start just below the Point of the fairing (at the side storage compartment), follow the edge down and all the back and around the end at the back of the passenger foot platform. Start another line at the bottom of the main rear section. This will run behind the reflector and will interupt the line. I haven't tried it yet but it may be possiable to swap the Left and Right reflectors, turn them upside down and reinstall them so they are lower. Taking the reflectors off is a personal choice and may only present a Legal Issure and not a Safety Issure. Finally the Bottom of the Tail. It may be too much but to Top Off the side detail. A nice Strip on top of each Grap Rail. I'm sure putting pieces on the top of the Grap Rails will not be very Durable for those of us that use the grap rails for passengers or cargo tie down. Non the less this would add a Top to the Bottom of the rear side. The total Package would accent the Front Fender, Mouth opening of the Fairing, Side Silhouette and Rear. 360 degrees of Safety and Looking Star Ship Cool as Well. I have a good camera and am will to play with some Gremlin's. I'm sure they come off as well as go on. My Thanks to all for the Project. If a nice minimal kit comes out of this. Put me down for one.

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I'm not suggesting we 'copy' the Italian Burgman club logo, but I must admit, that there's some pretty cool ideas, both the logo that can be mirrored and placed in several locations (logo,applied), but also the one that looks like the 'Burgman mask' (applied, also used as wallpaper on site). The logo one flows real with the wings and Italian colors, and the club name below.

Anyway, just putting ideas on the table for the brainstorming...

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I agree, GD..our Italian compatriots have a great logo....


pr/aka Pat(rick)

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Wow! I'm inpressed. Not only with the Ital Burgman Club graphic but with the other pics of their Scoots. Who says you can't Ride a Burger and have Attitude. I also noticed they don't seem to be into heavy boots for riding. Streetglow might check the Photo "Fondo Chat". It really highlights the curves in the tupperware. One bike has the little kid with pants down doing the P** On something? Being Italian probably P** On Ducatti. If their bold enough to put Suzuki Racing on their bikes who knows what they've done to increase performance. Thanks for the links. Too bad it just isn't right to steal someone's idea. Their club logo picks a piece of the scoot that is distinctive and being minus a tank makes it truely identifiable. Adding the wing gives it flight or speed. We might use something like the total side shape of the bike minus the rear wheel, muffler and suspension. Where the wheel and all should be we could put flames. Sorta make it not only a Freeway Flyer but a Galaxy Flyer. Add a couple of Stars or something in the background. IMO we ride the Future. I know it sounds lame but it may be a Root Idea to get other ideas flowing.

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