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Re: SAVED - by my ABS!!!

Originally Posted by Steve D UK
Yep, it's true, but I'm sure that some will disagree anyway.

On my way to work this morning. It was misty and the road was damp and greasy. I was filtering (lane splitting?) at about 15-20 mph between two lanes of stationary traffic when some bloody idiot in the passenger seat of a van in the right hand lane suddenly opens his door to lean out and empty an ashtray full of dog ends (cigarette butts) underneath his van! I was practically on top of him when he did this and just grabbed a big handfull of brake. The ABS worked perfectly. I came that close to the inside of the open door I had to back up to let him shut it - after I'd given him a mouthfull of abuse of course! Probably wouldn't have hurt myself but would have done sone damage to the front of my scoot if I didn't have good ol' ABS.
must have been a day for it - Twice yesterday i had people change lanes in front of me ( one guy changed lanes 4 times - i guess he couldnt make his mind up) but whilst trying to avoid him i had taken my eye off the car in front of me and it had stopped - so i quickly grabbed a hand full, now i had plenty of distance but as it was wet and slippy the abs kicked in and made the stop less eventful than i think without. and as a new cyclist i dont have the extensive training others have so i probably overgrabbed !


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