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Re: Considering a scooter as my primary vehicle

I live in Dallas and my '07 Burgman 400 is my primary transportation. The wife has a cage for those family trips or really bad weather days. I do ride in the rain thanks to the right gear..Burgmans are great for local riding/commuting AND for long distance. I've done Dallas to Galveston, Dallas to Kerrville and those are short trips compared to what Micbergsma has done.

In Austin, you have the BEST Burgman resource there...Micbergsma! That guy is the HOSS when it comes to Burgmans.

If you're going to ditch your cage, here are a few tips for ya:

1. Get a trunk...the biggest one you can afford. Grocery shopping and transporting items will need space to put them.
2. Invest in Bungee cords. Bigger items are easy strapped down on the passenger seat and secured to the back trunk.
3. Consider saddlebags that your can toss on and off as needed for those get away rides.
4. Add full liability insurance. If you total your bike and it's your fault, at least you will get $$$ to help replace your vehicle.
5. Get 3 in 1 gear for you...Jacket for wet, cold, and protective.

Hope this helps...just a few quick thoughts off the top of my head.

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