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Re: Fatality Map

It would be interesting to know the general category of the motorcycle involved in the accidents also.
Just an observation...
  • The roads like the Dragon are lined with accidents from what everyone has written. Since riders come from all over, just to say they've ridden it, I'd think many of the accidents would be on cruisers. They would have a better chance of overriding their capabilities...both for the rider and the bike. The sports bike riders probably would be well within their bike's capabilities and the traffic would tend to keep them riding slower.[/*:m:1qt3k5hm]
  • I was surprised to find the roads around here don't show fatalities in the curvy portions. The fatalities shown on the typical roads I've taken on day trips are in the straights. My guess is these are the sports bikes and the riders are trying to pass a long string of cars. It's typical rider behavior and one you read about in the newspapers of another rider killed.[/*:m:1qt3k5hm]
  • Another typical behavior on the straights around here, is the zoom-splat who is doing over 100 when he hits a car in a 35-45 mph speed zone. Hopefully, only the zoom-splat is killed. Sometimes they ride right inside the car.[/*:m:1qt3k5hm]
  • Both behaviors could be the reason the accidents in the Puget Sound area are showing up in the straights. (Not counting the numerous accidents that appear like they are on side roads with intersections.)[/*:m:1qt3k5hm]

On one of the trips this past summer that I took to the North Cascades Highway, I left early in the morning. Traffic was light till I turned around to go home. I was amazed at how many people were on the road! I was surprised I wasn't killed either!! The biggest hazard were the motorcycles. There were packs of 15 or so crotch-rockets working their way through packed traffic. They'd jump out to pass where there wasn't room, counting on the cars to give them the space (one bike's worth, since the cars were usually tail-gating...and didn't back off to give the jerks any space) to get back in at the last minute. (And no, I felt absolutely no kinship to any of them to consider giving them a wave ) If I remember correctly, there were two accidents that day involving motorcycles.

I do find it interesting to look at the data and imagine the risk potential on the roads I travel.


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