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Re: The NB Scooter Tour - Catskill Cruise

Hi Paul,
I understand that the friday night cookout is only a thought but how about as an alternative getting a private area at a local restaurant for a group friday night dinner? Just a thought.
You are very right, never personal, just a couple of guys being proud of and rooting for their home team.
The Yankee/Sox rivalry is probably the best one in major league baseball and I would bet that the tv audience for the weekend games was the largest of any baseball games this year.
Thanks for the invite to meet up before the Rally .We may stop at the Museum on the way to the Rally if we do not get to Newburgh some day before the rally.
What time would we need to be at the museum to possibly meet you and see the other locations you listed?
Really looking to riding the hawks nest, thanks for telling me where it is. Will check my NY maps.
I never thought I would say it but I am looking forward to cooler weather, this heat and humidity is to much.
This weeks forecast is calling for afternoon showers each day so for a brief period the humidity abates until the next day when the heat and humidity returns.
Thanks for looking into the Museum, maybe a stopping point for another Rally.
How many days to the Rally?

David S
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