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Re: The NB Scooter Tour - Catskill Cruise

First, Congrats on 2 out of 3. I think it was Michael Kay on Friday who said over the last 10 years the red sox vs Yankees record is seperated by 3 more wins by your sox. I can't think of any other rivalry anywhere that even comes close to being so evenly matched. I suppose there are people that follow our "back and forth" and either find it amusing or think we're serious. You and I understand the rivalry, how it works and know it is NEVER personal.

Hawks Nest is an approximatly 1 mile long section of Rte 97 between Sparrowbush and Pond Eddy. It isn't always included on maps because it isn't a town. I was through there last night and construction has not been completed yet.

The museum you mentioned is too far away to include in the weekends routes. If you can get down here any earlier, I may be able to meet you at the museum and time permitting we can include OCC and a drive by of Paul Jr's shop before running down to Hawks Nest.
Another suggestion, and this isn't part of the NBST, if I have the time, we could meet up Friday morning do what I mentioned and finish up at the Days Inn.

We all appreciate your offer to help and contribute to a cook out. I'm not saying it will or won't happen, but currently there are still no plans for a Friday night cookout.

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