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Re: Dream team...

Currently, I have 3 bikes at the house. A Honda Elite 80 is used for local errands because it's a blast to ride a little scooter every now and then, and it's dirt cheap to own, maintain, and only sips fuel. Even with my weight it still gets over 100 MPG.

I also have a 1982 Honda Silverwing (motorcycle, not scooter) that is the "backup" bike for any travel greater than I realistically can do on the Elite. Even the local grocery store is out of reach to the Elite since I don't want to be doing 35-40 MPH on a divided highway with most traffic going 70+. It's also fun to shift gears every now and then. Since it has a topbox and panniers, I can use it for hauling items too.

But my primary workhorse is the Burgman 400. With the 55 liter storage and an additional 55 liter topbox (Givi E-55), it covers most of my hauling needs. When something doesn't fit in the trunk or topbox, I have the option of using the trailer too.

I've considered building another trailer (or modifying this one) to give me a little more flexibility. The lights to the trailer are mounted on the cargo box of the trailer. What I'd like is to be able to swap out the lidded cargo box with an open box to haul taller items such as bags of garbage, computer boxes, or 50 pound bags of dog food. Another option to the trailer would be to pull the cargo box off and replace it with a rail and tie-down points to haul the Elite. That could be handy if I needed to have work done on either scooter as a way to take the Elite for repairs or as a ride while I leave the Burgman for service.

If I had to do it over again (and only going to buy 2 bikes), I'd probably opt for a bigger engine than the 80cc Elite in a small scooter... something that can maintain 55 (or maybe 70) MPH so that it's not too limited as the backup bike. The Elite 250 or a Honda Big Ruckus would be good choices for used/older bikes. For a primary ride, I'd get either a new model Burgman 400 or 650 and outfit it with supplemental storage.

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