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Re: Burgman 650 saddlebags

hi there-so what you are saying that the cortec soft bags are the ones to get? also they can come off and on quick?what about on the highway at a high speed do they flop around or rub the bikes finish ? i know nothing about saddle bags but i know the space under the seat fills up fast when you have a pumpkin helmet and another reg helmet in the compartment under the seat? so did your reasearch this type of bag to make the decision to buy them? how much tweaking around do you have to do to make them fit decent? just noticed i never wrote your name yet larry to direct the question to you.also can you get a fair amount of things in these bags say for a couple over nights on the road? hope i am not asking you a bunch of useless questions but i do trust your decision larry---- thank you - pete a fellow 650 exec person that loves this machine!
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