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Re: The Fehling Side Case Mount Adventure - Success, but ...

I'm doing the same installation, but on a 400K8. Reading over SilverSurfer's summary, points out to me that there's definitely less involved on my install, as I don't have any pieces that wrap around the back side of the bike, under the license plate bracket.

I went through the lovely process of typing the German instructions into a Word document (so I could get the accent characters right), then copying/pasting the phrases into Yahoo!'s Babelfish translator. The result? Even in German, they aren't really detailed instructions. They're more of a parts list, and a general summary of steps. You have to guess which nut, washer, bolt or screw to use, where to actually tie it in, and how to go about doing so. You can pretty easily guess your way through things, but it would have been nice to have close up pictures of the connection points, in order to ensure you're putting the washers in the right places.

I've got the Givi mounting points on both Fehling frames (which I REALLY wish were powder coated black, instead of chrome!), and the left side frame 95% installed. The problem I'm having, is in being able to get the bolt that ties into the underside of the grab handle tightened. There's not enough clearance for me to be able to get anything in there, so for now it's finger tightened, as far in as it will go. I won't ride with my E21's on, until I get that resolved.

I'll install the other side tonight when I come home from work, and see about getting the grab handle attachment points tightened. If anyone has suggestions on how to go about doing so, I'd much appreciate it!

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