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Re: The Fehling Side Case Mount Adventure - Success, but ...

Answers to your questions:

1. This is a straight bolt-on installation. No drilling required, anywhere. This was a concern of mine too until I figured it out.
2. The front struts attach to the mounting hardware, and the hardware attaches to the footrests at left and right hard points. You remove the screw(s) that are there and replace with the screw(s) in the kit.
3. All mounting points are solid hard points on the bike.
4. The rear bracket attaches through mounting hardware to hardpoints up underneath. Nothing attaches to the rubber fender. Look up and to the rear of your licence plate. You'll see the two screws on hard points. Two 'barrel-type' posts support the bracket. the screws that come with the hardware go through the bracket and the posts into
5. I would not trim the rubber padding. The way it mounts is quite discreet.

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