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Stock Appearance

There seems to be a significant number of us that are interested in improving our night visibility but would prefer to keep our bike looking stock whether for aesthetic reasons or potential resale value. As a representative of the over 50 crowd or simply those who would prefer not to customize their bikes but do want to improve visibility I would ask StreetGlo to consider developing a kit that could be applied on areas of black plastic or metal surfaces rather than the painted finish. One of the weakest areas of night visiblility is from the side and there is certainly plenty of space to apply die cut super black reflective material that would fit the plastic contours without looking like someone gone crazy with black electrician tape. In the day time the bike would still look totally stock but at night it would glow bright white...Food for thought, just my suggestion but I would be interested if any other people feel the same....Nothing against flames or rockets or custom pin striping but they are just not my thing....I would prefer a stealth mode, different strokes for different folks...

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