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I have retired and have not put more than 2500 miles on my Burgman 650 in 11 months. Before retirement I was going 17,000 miles per year or more. So I have thought about downsizing or giving up riding all together. Some of the auto shift 250's would be about all I would need.

Before the Microsoft and Intel BIG BANG, we had little growth up here around Seattle. Then all of a sudden the ExPat Califorians found out they could sell their 800 SqFt bungalow for $2 Million and come up here, pay CASH and "OUT BID" all of us on our 2500 SqFt $175,000 homes. My house went from $185K new in 1987 to $675K in 2008, down to $345K in 2009-2010 and now back up to $525K. Neighbor across the street paid $685 cash even 2 months before they closed the sale of their home in LA. Traffic went all ASSWONKY.

"Never mount a passenger car tire on a motorcycle rim; the flat profile of a car tire is incompatible ....." TOTALLY HOG WASH!!!

SSG/E6 Retired US ARMY Signal Corp. 9th Signal Bn, Forward.

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I know exactly what you are talking about. It's not about making traffic flow, but the opposite.

My brother's wife, a far-leftie even by European standards, used to work for the county traffic safety dept, which success criteria was not reduction of traffic injuries, but reducing the average speed on county roads, just because reasons.

Traffic lights on the county highways were synchronized to either no chance of green wave, or an average speed of 25% below the speed limit.

Here's a translation of her exact words: "It's designed to make you look stupid when the car (my words: slug) you passed miles back pulls right up behind you when you have been sitting at red light for a minute or two".

At night I proved several times that the green wave at 60 kph also worked when you were doing 120 kph or 180 kph.

They also plowed up many right-on red bypass lanes until their car-hating regime ended when the county was merged with two other. Their spirit still lives on, and many smaller roads have had their speed limit lowered from the general 50 to 37 mph, because reasons.
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Originally Posted by Dave_J View Post
I have retired and have not put more than 2500 miles on my Burgman 650 in 11 months. Before retirement I was going 17,000 miles per year or more. So I have thought about downsizing or giving up riding all together. Some of the auto shift 250's would be about all I would need...
Heck Dave, the 250's have been pretty much superseded by the newer mid maxi's. Basically lighter bikes than the B400 that are still powerful enough to run the highway. The Honda Forza (slowest of the class), Kymco GTI300, & Downtown 300, Piaggio BV350, SYM Citycom (newer models), Vespa GT300 series are the current examples I'm aware of. If you want to check that sort of thing out there's a nice little used BV350 somewhat local to you (closer to you than to me). There's also a Kymco GTI300 used down in Portland area for an interesting price.

The BV more so, the GTI less so, either would do some serious highway running, but..they are not the 650 on the road for good or bad. They run 30ish HP, & are doubtless a lower cost to run than the B650.|

I've been debating trying to swap my little S200 for the Kymco. My wife made the point that if I got rid of the B650 I'd probably just get another one. It ticks a lot of boxes; albeit I'd like it to be a bit easier to service.
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I have a PCX 150. I use it the same way you use your 125--for in-town errands. I get at least 100 mpg. Top speed is about 63. It has terrific low end torque--I run away from everybody but the souped up sports cars when the lights change.
It handles with the greatest of ease. When I'm riding it I love it better than the Burgman 400 I have. But...when I'm on the Burgman I start to change my mind.

But PCX is the right tool for the city job.
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Got it in one Tom. Only difference is I rode the wife's HD200 today, not my S200, & I am thinking harder about dumping the S for an HD or GTI300

2k7 B650 "Ohanzee"
2k8 SYM HD200 "Indigo"
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I like the BV350, it has a wet clutch, this thing takes all my attention.

Learning patience.
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I've always referred to the "Traffic Calming" garbage as "Driver Aggravating". When drivers see a stale green or a yellow light up ahead and they know that they're going to be in for a three year odyssey at a red light, many opt to speed up and run the light. Then the traffic controllers make one direction of traffic sit at a light while the opposite direction is empty. When someone finally show up it stops them & releases the pent up traffic. Lights geared to make one wait & not go. And then everyone wants to know why there's so much pollution in the air from idling cars.
Just about every western state I've lived in (including Texas) has ex-Californians that have tried to terraform their new environs to their liking, so an obscure place like small town Montana doesn't surprise me. All that said, I still love the Golden State.

One more thing...ride your own ride. You don't ever have to justify why you switched to another bike in my book. And you'll never hear me inferring, "You'll come crawling back--oh, you'll see!!"
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Originally Posted by Charro View Post
I recently purchased a used Honda Forza 300 (with 594 miles) in the Denver area and rode it back to Phoenix, a trip of 903 miles. I have a Burgman 650, but wanted something smaller for running local errands. The Forza ran like a champ all the way to Phoenix and averaged 65 mpg running between 60-70 mph. The Honda has a few features that I wish my 650 had like a dip stick to check the oil and a sight glass to check the coolant level.

The 650 has been a nice touring bike and I will keep it. The Forza can travel on the interstates, but works much better as a urban scooter. I had a Burgman 400, but like the smaller size of the Forza 300 for city riding.

El Charro
This is exactly what a Burgman 200 is designed for -- assuming one isn't too tall for it. A little less top speed, but the storage is much better laid out, and the stock weather protection is far superior.

[It's the little things.]

Not all who wander lack GPS.
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