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found a new 2015 tmax for $6,527 but little over my budget. 2009 for $4,000 but 13k miles. sharp looking but still biased to the burgman just because of all the happy people i've read about, huge storage and fair mpg and power. Did come across a 2012 burg 400 for 4,175 and 1,6xx miles. Found a cheap 2009 burgman 650 for $4k with 4,4xx miles as well but feel thats more than what I need, don't run the express ways anyway so probably overkill. I have just under $2,000 saved up so i could sell the pcx and have what I need to pay cash and negotiate a better price as well for the 2007 I mentioned in first post which is really what I would prefer doing as I dont want to worry about having another loan but would consider that if needed.

I've rode over 150 miles straight on the pcx last summer so I'm sure doing 100 on a burgman would be a cakewalk. the worst thing is selling the pcx. No demand in my town for scooters of actual value and would not feel safe riding the pcx through some of the cities to trade it in at dealership that has the 2007 burgman.

wanted to thank everyone for the info so far!
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