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Agreed on the 08+ models for the 400, BUT... If your best choices are the 06 & 07, then the 07. Yes the clutch was upgraded in 08, but that just means you'll be replacing it a little sooner than later. The 08 clutch works fine on the 07. However, With 1100 miles on the clock, you'll have years before it's an issue. The upgrades on the 07 are worth it, if only for the brakes alone.

My 07 has been the best bike ever for me. 58k miles on the clock and she still purrs along everyday. 85+ mph is not a problem and I'm bigger than you. With a couple of seat mods, you can ride all day with the big boys and keep up just fine. And the trunk is the biggest in all of scooterdom.

Good luck in your search. You probably won't mind riding 2-3 hours back with your new bike.

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