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I'm up in the "thumb" of michigan so I decent driving distance from any big city really. All burgmans I've found are 2-3 hours away unfortunately. I've found some 2014's but they are 4,800-5,400 as well as about 3 hours away. I did read the 2007's had some clutch issues which scared me a little bit and the 2006's had quite a few issues that were common which quite honestly now has steered me away from that year. Also for what it counts I'm about 210 pounds and 5'8 with slightly longer torso.

I like the burgmans just because they come from a good brand as well as have great reliability as well as great underseat storage as I like to run to grocery store alot as well as garage sailing on the scooter during the summer. I put a decent amount of miles on as well as I use it over my car in most situations as well so want something comfortable for long and short trips. Sat on a burgman 400 once and found it to be quite comfortable. Never test drove it though.

I can look but I'm not very sure on SYM dealers or the brand to be honest. I would rather buy lightly used as I bought the pcx brand new and just paid it off last month and still have car payment as well as house payment so I can't get too expensive. I plan on trading in the pcx if I find something nicer and bigger but i'm sure I won't get much for it as scooters don't really hold value up here but who knows.

The pcx is great for what it is. great mileage and runs 65-70 mph unless there is strong headwind. The problem is its just a little underpowered and way too light at those speeds. I have a tall givi windshield and nyc variator and its still too short to where i get some bad helmet buffeting, but without windshield I can only hit 60mph full throttle which I'm not a fan of doing.
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