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Originally Posted by Chatman128 View Post
In general, smaller = harder. I manage to mount the 400 tires (120/80 - 14 F, 130/70 - 13 R) with no more than a couple of 2x4 scraps and 3 tire irons. I do not think it is particularly difficult.
After posting the question I remembered mounting a 13" trailer tire for my brother-in-law a couple of months back. It went OK.

Originally Posted by mikeyMarine View Post
easy, one swipe of the credit card and it's done !
After reading some of the posts on various Internet forums, I've come to the realization that some people have more money than they need. My local shop quoted me $570+ for two tires and mounting and balancing this morning. I can buy the tires for < $250. I guess I'm gonna rassle them on.

Originally Posted by LeDude View Post
The front is relatively easy, doesn't take too much #(!*@, and goes on quickly.

The rear tire is a different story, the beads are so stiff that it takes a bit of planning and proper lubing to get both of the beads
on the rim, especially the second one.

I use Harbor Freight''s motorcycle tire changer which really helps with keeping the wheel in place and letting me use all my
energy an strength to get that 2nd bead on. I often have to use clamps to minimize the tire walking as I apply force in
the opposite direction. A good tire mounting bar will make the job much easier.

Give them a try and you will know pretty fast where you stand. Considering your tire changing back ground, I don't
think you will have any problems.

on one or two occasions I was defeated by that 2nd bead on the rear tire so I just took it in to a shop and they popped
the bead on for $5.00.

all the best.
Thanks for the response. I used to mount the rears on a GL1800 Goldwing, and they were the worst I've ever tried. I finally reached an agreement with a buddy who would come help me with mine when I needed it, and we mounted all his here as well, and I'd help him. An extra pair of hands was invaluable. I do the tires on both my other bikes by myself without a lot of drama.

The Mojolever seems expensive, but it's been a lifesaver on difficult tires. I also added a yellow thing from NoMar, and it's a big help.

I'll report back how it goes.

Thanks for the responses.

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