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Originally Posted by captainfish View Post
for me, I'm opposed to driving between vehicles. It's too dangerous. And rude to boot, in my opinion. Also, saw this part: "The legislature intends with this act to provide new options to save lives by giving operators of motorcycles a way to legally avoid being rear-ended by
other vehicles.
" Bikes already have that option when they see an accident about to happen. All vehicles do.

This proposal would also ban riding side-by-side. This proposal would also allow passing a vehicle in the same lane as the vehicle being passed. How dangerous can one be??!?!
Respectfully, I disagree. Where is the data that shows lane splitting or filtering is dangerous? I do it regularly in busy southern California traffic and feel safer than I do sitting in stop and go traffic. Most car drivers here seem to be used to us splitting on bikes, and many many of them move over to give us even more room as we go by.

Two of my dislikes however are really loud bikes that startle people as they pass, and high speed lane splitters. There will always be the outliers that spoil it for the rest.
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